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Cover: Dog Heroes

Dog Heroes

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Dogs charge to the rescue in this award-winning series about our heroic canine friends! Readers will learn how dogs are trained for various jobs, and discover how dogs and people working together can accomplish seemingly impossible goals. Bursting with gripping narratives of dogs in action, Dog Heroes is a perfect complement to children’s introduction to community helpers, jobs, and social services.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Dog Heroes (28 titles)
Cover: Baghdad Pups Baghdad Pups 5.3
Cover: Balto's Story Balto's Story 5.0
Cover: Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Bomb-Sniffing Dogs 5.4
Cover: Brave Hearts Brave Hearts 5.2
Cover: Combat-Wounded Dogs Combat-Wounded Dogs 5.6
Cover: Comfort Dogs Comfort Dogs 5.9
Cover: Disabled Dogs Disabled Dogs 5.4
Cover: Dog Scouts of America Dog Scouts of America 4.4
Cover: Eco Dogs Eco Dogs 4.2
Cover: Hollywood Dogs Hollywood Dogs 4.2
Cover: Lifeguard Dogs Lifeguard Dogs 5.5
Cover: Medical Detective Dogs Medical Detective Dogs 5.0
Cover: Pest-Sniffing Dogs Pest-Sniffing Dogs 5.5
Cover: Police Dogs Police Dogs 4.0
Cover: Prison Puppies Prison Puppies 5.6
Cover: Rescue Dogs Rescue Dogs 4.8
Cover: Science Dogs Science Dogs 5.8
Cover: Seizure-Alert Dogs Seizure-Alert Dogs 5.3
Cover: Shelter Dogs Shelter Dogs 5.3
Cover: Skydiving Dogs Skydiving Dogs 5.3
Cover: Fire Dogs Fire Dogs 4.6
Cover: Security Dogs Security Dogs 4.4
Cover: Service Dogs Service Dogs 3.9
Cover: Sled Dogs Sled Dogs 4.0
Cover: Snow Search Dogs Snow Search Dogs 4.1
Cover: Therapy Dogs Therapy Dogs 4.4
Cover: Water Rescue Dogs Water Rescue Dogs 4.2
Cover: Wilderness Search Dogs Wilderness Search Dogs 4.1
Interest Level Grade 2 - Grade 7
Reading Level Grade 3
Genre Narrative Nonfiction, Nonfiction
Copyright 2006
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Dog Heroes
Language English
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 8 x 10
ISBN 9781597160223
Title Format Reinforced book
Author Various

The Horn Book Guide Review for Brave Hearts

From protecting against home intruders to alerting owners of fire, true incidents of canine bravery on behalf of their humans are described in engaging text. The stories focus on four particular dogs, but the installment emphasizes that loyalty and bravery are not breed dependent: any dog can potentially be a capable companion and perhaps even a lifesaver. Reading list, websites. Glos., ind.

Dog Heroes

Animals, always a favorite of young readers, return in this series focusing on dogs and the variety of purposes they serve. From dogs that sniff out bombs to dogs working in the glamorous world of Hollywood, the series is an informative look into jobs that many dogs do on a daily basis. Schools with therapy animals would benefit from the inclusion of various volumes in this series. Every photograph is captioned with pertinent information, and additional facts about each book’s topic are included at the end. Students who enjoy books about animals will enjoy this “behind the scenes” look at the many different dogs who assist humans in their daily routine. Recommended.

Dog Heroes

Children love dogs and this series does a wonderful job of portraying different types of dogs who are considered heroes in our society. The series shows students that dogs are capable of being more than a pet. Each book explains the dog’s responsibility in society as well as how they are selected, trained, and how they perform. Some dogs are trained to directly interact with people and help them. These dogs help people emotionally and physically. There are also dogs that are trained to assist in searching for lost people or drugs. The facts are presented in four to five lines per page plus a caption box. The layout of the pages is very child friendly, with simple and informative text. The beautiful full-page photographs add to their appeal. The information is well organized; each book begins with a scenario relating to the type of dog portrayed in the book. A history of the specialized dog follows. The cover is appealing with a colored picture of the dog reflecting the specialty being discussed. For research purposes, this series has an extensive table of contents, index, and glossary. Each book is formatted the same for easy reference. Recommended.

Dog Heroes

Large, colorful photos clearly show a variety of working dogs in training and engaged in their tasks. The simple texts are easy to interpret for reluctant or early readers and yet informative enough to provide a definition of the dog’s duties and what is required from it to fulfill each job. Factoids on each page add additional information. Each title describes the animal’s training and the expectations for its performance. Positive stories of heroic canines and their partners help relay the message on how important their roles are in helping humans. Breeds are only covered briefly in order to explain which ones seem to be best suited for a particular task or training. The message is how important these animals are in fulfilling a need as well as the rewards humans gain from their loyalty and dedication.

Author/Illustrator biography
Glossary of key words
Table of contents
Full-color photographs