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Roar! Books — Imprint Trailer

Roar! Books take readers on a high-low adventure. View →

Life Works! — Series Trailer

When we learn how to navigate big emotions, Life Works! View →

Animal Masterminds — Series Trailer

Animals may be smarter than you think! Follow the true story of animal masterminds showing their supersmarts. View →

That's Not a Dino — Series Trailer

With sharp teeth, giant bodies, and terrific tails, dinosaurs once ruled the planet. But they weren’t alone! Meet the creatures that lived alongside dinos! View →

Why Does My Body Do That? — Series Trailer

Growl! Burp! Achoo! Our bodies make many sounds. But what do all these sounds mean? Explore the wild, wacky, and (sometimes) downright gross things our bodies do. View →

The Limits of Survival — Series Trailer

Follow the thrilling true stories of people who faced isolation in extreme environments and lived to tell the tale. From the rain forest to the Antarctic, would you make it out alive? View →

Doomed History —Series Trailer

Take readers on a high-interest look at places they would not want to be in this dramatic and compelling approach to Doomed History. View →

Life on Earth! Biodiversity Explained — Series Trailer

Readers will explore the importance of biodiversity and learn how Earth’s plants and animals keep each other healthy. View →

Crafts in a Snap! — Series Trailer

Get ready to craft on the clock! Watch to learn more about our series Crafts in a Snap! View →

SilverTip Books — Imprint Trailer

Watch our new series trailer to learn more about SilverTip Books, a curricular hi-lo imprint from Bearport Publishing. View →