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  • Bear Claw:  Thrilling Graphic Nonfiction!
  • Bearcub: Excellently Crafted for Emergent Readers!
  • Bearport Biographies: Who Inspires You?
  • X-Treme Facts: Science
  • Create! Playful Pet Projects
  • Fusion: Looking for High-Interest Nonfiction? No Prob-llama!
Featured Titles
  • Cover: Devil Doll
    Haunted History Set Two

    The Warren's Occult Museum is full of many mysterious and downright terrifying artifacts. So, it might be easy to overlook one of its most dangerous possessions--a truly evil doll. But could a lovable plaything really prove deadly? Some think so. Find out more in this graphic thriller. Then, learn about other museum mysteries.

  • Cover: The Human Body
    X-treme Facts: Science

    It makes enough energy to light a light bulb, contains acid that can burn through a piece of wood, and is self-cleaning. It's the human body! From the brain in your head and heart in your chest, to the blood that rushes through your veins and the skin that wraps it all together, the human body is pretty amazing. Discover the extreme facts about the human body in this kooky book.

  • Cover: President Joe Biden
    Bearport Biographies

    Long-serving congressman, Vice President, and now President. Joe Biden’s journey to the highest position in the land has been long and winding. As a child, he didn’t let his stutter stop him from success; as a senator, he carried on despite personal heartbreak; and now, as president, we’ll see all this man can do. Learn about the spectacular life of America’s 46th president.

  • Cover: School Warrior
    Be a Waste Warrior!

    Trees are chopped down to supply classrooms with paper, disposable pens pile high in landfills, and pollution from transporting ingredients for school lunches hangs in our air. What a waste! But there's a way to help. Be a waste warrior to put a stop to school waste and join the battle to save Earth! Honest text introduces some of Earth's biggest waste problems, while helpful solutions provide a way for readers to combat the issues. A final eco-activity pairs simple steps with illustrations to give waste warriors a hands-on activity to fight school waste.

  • Cover: Water Everywhere
    Rescued! Animal Escapes

    Four days of heavy rain sent water rushing toward Jeff Johnson's Iowa pig farm, threatening to flood everything in its path. The high waters could easily sweep away the animals, but Jeff had no way to move all of his pigs out of harm's way. How would the pigs survive? Find out about the smart animals who found their way to safety and the farmers who helped to rescue them in this graphic adventure of animal escape. Then, learn about other animals made it away from rising flood waters.

  • Cover: Tractors
    Farmer Llama's Farm Machines

    It's a busy day at Happy Valley Farm and the farmer llama needs your help! Take a tour of the farm as you learn all about tractors. Be sure to pay attention so you can pass your farmhands quiz and earn your llama-diploma. Cheerful illustrations and farm-tastic puns make learning about farmer llama's farm machines llots of fun!

  • Cover: Schools
    What Makes a Community? Set Two

    It's time for another day at school. Head to the classroom to learn something new! Then, take a trip around the school to see the gym, music room, art room, library, and more. Using simple text paired with inviting photos, explore how schools are part of what makes a community.

  • Cover: Split Up a Sandwich
    Deconstructed Diets

    I see bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and tomatoes poking out from between two pieces of bread. It's time to deconstruct diets. Take a look at the ingredients that can go into a sandwich. Learn where they come from and how they are made. Explore smart diet swaps and see what sandwiches look like around the world. There's a lot to learn when you spilt up a sandwich.

  • Cover: Baby Red Pandas
    Animal Babies Set Two

    A mother red panda may be the signature red-brown color you'd expect, but a newborn baby is just a little ball of gray fur. Follow along as the tiny cub slurps up its mother's milk, opens its eyes for the first time, and begins to explore life outside of the nest. Watch it munch on bamboo and climb trees before it is finally ready to live alone and, eventually, have its only little cubs. Simple text paired with adorable pictures helps build reading confidence for animal-loving early readers.

  • Cover: Yoga
    Calm Kids

    Breath in, and breath out. It's time for yoga! Learn the basics of what yoga is and how it can help keep your mind and body healthy. Then, explore different poses. Even try some out for yourself. As a great resource for social and emotional learning, this airy layout matches simple text with photos and illustrations to provide readers with the tools they need to be calm kids.