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Featured Titles
  • Cover: President Joe Biden
    Bearport Biographies

    Long-serving congressman, Vice President, and now President. Joe Biden’s journey to the highest position in the land has been long and winding. As a child, he didn’t let his stutter stop him from success; as a senator, he carried on despite personal heartbreak; and now, as president, we’ll see all this man can do. Learn about the spectacular life of America’s 46th president.

  • Cover: Dangerous Teeth!
    Danger Below!

    What happens when a diver gets too comfortable with wild animals? Discover a diver's dangerous encounter with a moray eel. You'll think twice before getting too close to creatures after reading this graphic novel.

  • Cover: Monuments and Memorials
    X-treme Facts: U.S. History

    One is a 100th birthday present from France, one was once the tallest building in the world, and one was sculpted in China. What are we talking about? United States monuments and memorials, of course! Discover the extreme history behind some of the nation's most iconic landmarks.

  • Cover: Coaster of Death
    Haunted History

    Amusement parks are a place of excited laughter and thrill seekers. Now abandoned and overgrown, explore Lincoln Park and its most terrifying ride.

  • Cover: Blown Away by a Blizzard!
    Uncharted: Stories of Survival

    Randy Kraxberger never expected his beautiful day skiing to be interrupted by a dangerous blizzard. Follow along with this action-packed graphic depiction of Randy's real-life survival.

  • Cover: Monsters
    Creepy Crafts & More

    Get ready to craft some gruesome monsters! Learn how to make leaf decoration, bake a treat, create a costume, and get creative with a craft.

  • Cover: Japanese Spider Crab
    Library of Awesome Animals

    A Japanese spider crab walks across the rocky ocean bottom looking for food. Once it finds a dead fish, it pushes the rotting fish flesh into its hungry mouth. A monster feeder of the ocean floor, the huge Japanese spider crab is awesome.

  • Cover: Slimy Science Experiments
    Sensory Science Fun!

    It's time to get slimy for science. Learn to make slime that stretches, explodes, grows, and more with this hands-on science.

  • Cover: Sidewinder

    A sidewinder darts out from the hot sands of Death Valley, leaving a trail of wavy lines. Though a sidewinder's bite isn't deadly, they are very painful. Read more to learn all about the sidewinder.

  • Cover: Atlantic Puffin
    Library of Awesome Animals

    They can survive on land, sea, and in the air. Learn all about the awesome Atlantic puffin!