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Featured Titles
  • Cover: The Three Little Pigs
    Once Upon a STEM: The Science of Fairy Tales

    How could a big, bad wolf blow down a house? With science! Read along with Professor Everafter as he explains the STEM behind this favorite fairy tale. 

  • Cover: Baby Dogs
    Animal Babies

    A baby dog is born blind and won't open it's eyes until after about ten days! Learn more about how baby puppies grow.

  • Cover: Spooky Mansions
    Tiptoe Into Scary Places

    These mansions house more than just furniture. Read four stories about spooky mansions and the spirits that haunt them.

  • Cover: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Bearcub Bios

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was ahead of her time--so she decided to pave the way. The Supreme Court Justice helped make decisions that impact all Americans. How did she get there? Read this book to find out!

  • Cover: Veterinarians
    What Makes a Community?

    My puppy is sick. Who helps take care of our furry, feathered, scaly, and slimy friends? A veterinarian does! Read all about these important community helpers.

  • Cover: Poo on the Savanna
    Whose Poo?

    Hippos use their tails to fling it around and a giraffe's drops more than five feet before splatting on the ground. What are we talking about? Poo on the savannah! Follow along to learn all about the animals that make it and the habitat they live in. 

  • Cover: Jolly Jellyfish
    At the Aquarium

    The sea is full of jolly jellyfish! Tiny, boxed sea wasps have box-shaped bells and pack a powerful sting. Adult immortal jellyfish can turn back into a baby when they are in danger. And the bell of the compass jellyfish looks like (you guessed it!) a compass! Learn about these and more jolly jellyfish at the aquarium.

  • Cover: Food
    Fuel Up!

    Eating a balanced meal is important for a healthy life! The right food helps us move and play all day. Learn how to fuel up with food!

  • Cover: Horror in Minnesota
    Scary States (of Mind)

    It may be the land of 10,000 lakes, but what you could find lurking at the bottom of one of those lakes might shock you. Discover four frightful stories about horrors in Minnesota.

  • Cover: Harvest
    Seasons of Fun: Fall

    Learn about the busiest time of year on the farm. From crops to festivals, harvests make fall fun!