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  • Cover: Get Ready for a Baseball Game
    Game Day

    He swings his bat, and the ball goes flying! Baseball is so much fun, but what happens before the big day? Follow young athletes preparing to play their favorite sport. Simple text and action-packed photos capture baseball players practicing their skills, working together with their team, and learning how to stay healthy as they play. There's so much to do to get ready for a baseball game.

  • Cover: Axolotl
    Library of Awesome Animals

    A small salamander swims in muddy lake water. But this little creature still has its webbed feet and feathery gills. Axolotls spend their whole lives in watery homes. What else do you know about these awesome animals? Learn all about Axolotls!

  • Cover: Trailblazers in the Air
    Our Greatest Adventures

    For thousands of years, people have wished they could fly. Thanks to a few trailblazers, people soar through the air every day. Fun illustrations pair with bright photos to help readers learn all about our greatest adventures.

  • Cover: Scatter!

    Many plants need help sending their seeds away so they can grow into healthy plants. Some seeds flutter in the wind, others float away in water. And some seeds rely on hungry animals pooping them out after a nice meal. Plants have plenty of ways to scatter their seeds. Engaging photos and lively text bring an exciting look at the world of plants.

  • Cover: Black Holes
    Space Files

    Welcome, Agent 359. This file is full of top-secret information about black holes. Learn the basics of how black holes form, their different sizes, and how they were found. Then, discover what scientists are learning about them now. What will you do with our new knowledge? Good luck and remember these are top secret space files!

  • Cover: Express Yourself
    Life Works! (set 3)

    I'm me and that's an amazing thing to be. Learning to express all that we are lets us see the world differently and show others who we are, too. Bright, cheerful illustrations paired with engaging photos and lively text help us know how to harness creativity, while hands-on activities put this early life skill into practice. Explore how life works when we express ourselves.

  • Cover: Social Media
    Internet Issues

    Many people use social media to talk and share things with their friends and families. It may be fun, but it can be dangerous, too. Explore the world of social media while also learning helpful tips to stay safe online. Colorful illustrations paired with bright photos help young readers gain digital literacy.