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Featured Titles
  • Cover: Gooey Slime
    Amazing Animal Self-Defense

    Dive under the waves to find a fish with slime. A hagfish's slime can protect it from enemies and also help it get food. Even grosser, this creature eats all its meals from the inside out! Fun text and eye-catching photos introduce this animal in all its gross glory.

  • Cover: Desert Life Connections
    Life on Earth! Biodiversity Explained

    The desert may not seem like a good place to live, but many plants and animals make their homes in the dry land. In fact, life in the hot sands relies on one another to stay healthy. When some of that life is put at risk, others soon suffer. Uncover the truth about biodiversity, explore its impact on the environment, and learn what you can do to help life in the desert. Approachable text and engaging images bring this timely topic to life.

  • Cover: Animals in the Sand
    Animal Fact Files

    What's the deal with animals in the sand? Open up this fact file to find out! Learn all about desert creatures, from camels to scorpions and lizards. Explore where these animals live, what they eat, and more. Bright, engaging photos help readers follow along to get all the facts.

  • Cover: Kanzi Learns Language!
    Animal Masterminds

    When Dr. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh started her research, she was trying to teach a mother ape 10 symbols. Instead, her baby, Kanzi, picked up the few symbols as language--and now he knows over 450 words. Explore the exciting true story of a supersmart animal in this graphic nonfiction adventure. Then, learn more about these brilliant bonobos and read other stories of ape masterminds!

  • Cover: Dolly Parton
    Bearport Biographies (set 2)

    Country singer, actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian, Dolly Parton is a cultural icon. Coming from a large family without much money, music was her way to become a star. From moving to Nashville right out of high school, to receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award, you might think Dolly has done it all. But that's just the start for this star! Dolly is also extremely generous. She has started programs that give children free books, and she donates to many causes that she cares about. Dolly continues to write songs and give back as much as she can--and she has no plans of stopping! Learn all about Dolly's journey as a singer, icon, and more.

  • Cover: Breakfast
    Pick a Plate

    Your morning meal can give you energy to start your day right. But there are so many options. What's on your breakfast plate? Empower young readers to identify healthy choices with this exciting book that makes food literacy approachable. Colorful illustrations combined with bright photos make picking healthy choices fun!

  • Cover: Wacky Wearables
    Crafts in a Snap!

    Creating something new to wear quickly? Yes, please! Get ready to upcycle everyday items into wacky wearables. Follow along with simple instructions and step-by-step images for fast fun making a tab-tastic bracelet, groovy glasses, and more. Designed to easily fit into an active classroom session or library visit, it's easy to turn trash to treasure with Crafts in a Snap!

  • Cover: Managing Credit
    Personal Finance: Need to Know

    Most people need money, they may use credit cards or take out loans. But what exactly is credit, and how does it work? Learn all about managing credit. Discover different types of credit, the advantages and disadvantages of using credit, and more. It's key personal finance education made approachable for all!

  • Cover: Chemical Reactions
    Intro to Chemistry: Need to Know

    A flickering flame and the smoke curling from a burnt out candle have a lot in common. They are both signs of a chemical reaction. Learn all about the reactions from the smallest atomic structures that cause the changes to the different kinds of products reactions can yield and everything in between. It's key chemistry curriculum made approachable for all.