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  • Cover: Body & Health Tech
    Marvels of Technology

    From eyeglasses to pacemakers, nanotechnology to AI, technology has changed everything. Learn how body and health technology makes our lives easier with detailed graphics and the science behind how it all works. Included backmatter comprehension questions ensure a well-rounded understanding of the inventions that continue to propel us into the future.

  • Cover: Brass Instruments
    All About Instruments

    It's time to play . . . in the band! Some brass instruments make deep, booming sounds and others ring out high and loud. Which instrument is your favorite? Learn how brass instruments make sound, explore the history of instruments, then learn all about different brass instruments to pick your favorite. It's time to join the band with a buzzing brass instrument!

  • Cover: The Solar System
    Space Revealed

    It's time to explore space! Learn all about the history and science of the solar system, all the way back to the beginning of time. Detailed diagrams and in-depth text along with backmatter comprehension questions will engage readers to explore everything our galaxy has to reveal.

  • Cover: Feathers
    Animal Coverings

    From flapping wings to long, feathery tails, birds are full of feathers. Learn all about the creatures covered in feathers and what these wonderful coverings can do for them. Fun, lively text paired with colorful pictures of amazing animals help readers explore the wild world of animal coverings.

  • Cover: Plains
    Earth Science-Landforms: Need to Know

    What does a stretch of rolling, grassy hills have in common with a flat, sandy desert? They are both plains. These landforms cover about a third of Earth's land though they can look very different depending on where they are. Explore more about these landforms with easy-to-understand content tied to the curriculum of upper-elementary and middle school students and text written at a 2nd to 3rd grade reading level. Dyslexia-friendly font and design make learning accessible, and a recap at the end promotes checking for understanding to aid in comprehension. It's key geology curriculum made approachable for all.

  • Cover: Petrifying Playtime
    Where You Dare Not Go

    Places of play are meant for running around with friends and shrieking with laughter. But what if those shrieks of fun turn into screams of terror? Travel the world, visiting real amusement parks and playgrounds with creepy legends and unbelievable paranormal events. Are the stories of strange figures and unexplained disturbances make-believe or signs of something more sinister? Decide for yourself . . . if you dare.