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Fall 2021
Featured Titles
  • Cover: Dwayne Johnson: Actor and Pro Wrestler
    Bearcub Bios Set Two

    From the wrestling ring to the red carpet, Dwayne Johnson's star has been on the rise since he first slammed his way onto the scene. Find out how this wrestler-turned-actor followed his family's legacy before setting out on his own track.

  • Cover: Go Camping!
    Get Outdoors

    Grab your tent, prepare your favorite campfire tale, and break out the s'mores. It's time to go camping! Follow along with Rory Racoon as you learn the ins and outs of spending the night in the great outdoors.

  • Cover: The Yellow Book: What to Do When You're Excited
    Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions

    Emotions are like a rainbow--there is a color for every one we feel. And when the excited feeling starts to take over the rainbow, it's time for The Yellow Book! Simple activities, tips, and tricks help young readers whose excited yellow shines brightest in the rainbows of their colorful minds. They can turn the pages from front to back or back to front. They can use every single page or open the book to just one random page. Soon, the other colors of their emotions rainbow will shine with this mindfulness book that supports readers exploring their emotions!

  • Cover: Energy from Moving Water
    Power Up with Energy!

    A rapid river rushes by. But did you know this home for fish can help us keep the world going? Learn all about energy from water through simple, inviting text paired with vibrant images as you power up with energy!

  • Cover: The Course to Chocolate
    Drive Thru Set Two

    Take a bite of your favorite chocolate bar for a sweet treat. But where does chocolate come from? And how does a pod on a tree turn into tasty chocolate? Hop on the Chocolate Box food truck to find out!

  • Cover: Struggle for Survival
    Saving Animals from the Brink

    In the 1800s, Florida panthers thrived in the southeastern United States, but by the mid 1900s, there were very few of the animals left. When biologists like Mark Lotz realized that wildlife refuges would only do so much to save this endangered species, they got to work. Follow along in this graphic adventure based on a true story of how biologists saved the unhealthy population for a Florida panther comeback. Then, learn more about Florida panthers and other cats in danger.

  • Cover: Death by Awful Accidents
    Disastrous Deaths

    Welcome to the disaster zone where awful accidents kill people around the world. Follow along to see how a famous stuntman met his end at the hands (peel) of an orange, a harsh Greek lawmaker was killed by cloaks, and a groundbreaking balloonist died in a freak hot air balloon accident. There's no telling what other disastrous deaths await.

  • Cover: Hockey: Score with STEM!
    Sports STEM

    The forward streaks toward the goal, his skates biting into the ice as he drives forward. They pull back their stick and whip it forward. Wham! The hockey puck zooms along the ice. From skating like a pro to mastering the perfect shot, hockey takes skill, practice, and a little bit of STEM. Explore the science, technology, engineering, and math behind the game of hockey. Sports and STEM? Score!

  • Cover: The Maya Civilization
    X-treme Facts: Ancient History

    You may like chocolate, but how would you feel about using cocoa beans as money or in glue? Maybe you'd like to play a ball game for warriors (just be careful you don't become a scarified to the gods after playing). What about living life with a calendar system even more advanced than our own? You could try it all if you lived like the Maya! Discover extreme facts about the Maya civilization in this fun and kooky book.

  • Cover: Mountain Attack: A Yeti Encounter
    A Stranger World

    For years, people have told stories of monstrous creatures, but what if the legends are true? Townspeople from Lhakpa Dolma's village feared a terrifying yeti lurking in the snowy mountains nearby. Is that what attacked Lhakpa and her yaks in the snowy peaks? Explore the story of a yeti encounter in this graphic adventure based on a true story. Then, learn about other monsters around the world and find out the truth behind yeti-like creatures.