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Fall 2022
Featured Titles
  • Cover: Spring Weather
    Seasons of Fun: Spring

    When the mercury starts to rise and the days stretch out longer, it can only mean one thing. It's spring! This season of changing weather brings rain, sunshine, and more. Explore all kinds of spring weather through simple, inviting text paired with vibrant images for seasons of fun!

  • Cover: Count on Me: How to Build Trust
    Life Works!

    I'm here to help! Building trust brings friends together and helps make all relationships stronger. Bright, cheerful illustrations paired with engaging photos and lively text make learning about trust fun, while hands-on activities put the social and emotional engagement into action. Explore how life works when you can count on me!

  • Cover: Dinosaur Eater: SuperCroc Discovery
    Fossils Uncovered!

    Paleontologist Paul Sereno was searching for dinosaur fossils in the Sahara desert when he and his team found something else--the skull of a gigantic crocodile! This incredible animal was so big that it could eat dinosaurs. Follow along on this graphic adventure to find more Supercroc bones and discover how this huge dinosaur eater lived. Then, take a trip back in time to learn all about the creatures that lived alongside Supercroc and discover even more about paleontology.

  • Cover: Motion Commotion! Optical Illusions
    Eye-mazing Illusions

    It's moving! Or is it? Optical illusions are tricks that our eyes and brain play on us to make us see things differently--like still images that appears to float, spin, or wiggle along. Explore magnificent moving illusions and learn the science behind what makes them work. Then, take a turn making your own optical illusion. Get ready to be eye-mazed!

  • Cover: Minerals
    Earth Science-Geology: Need to Know

    They are in cell phones and toothpaste. Minerals are everywhere! But what do you really know about minerals? Explore how minerals form. Dig deep to see how we get minerals from rocks. And look to the streets, jewelry, food, and more to see how we use minerals in our everyday lives. Dyslexic-friendly font and design in this curricular hi-lo series makes Earth science approachable for all!

  • Cover: Goblin Shark
    Shark Shock!

    When prey swims close, the goblin shark lunges forward . . . with just it's jaw. Not only does this freaky fish have a long, pointy nose that is as terrifying as its mythical namesake, but also the jumping jaw to match. Dive under the waves with this mysterious deep-sea shark to uncover the truth behind the slingshot jaw, follow the hunt, learn about a special sharky sense, and more. It's time to get shark shocked!