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Cover: Countries We Come From

Countries We Come From

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Children will travel around the world without ever leaving their homes or classrooms. In this colorful and exciting new series, beginning readers visit countries where their families or their classmates’ families may have come from. During the journey, they will learn all about the country’s cities, food, holidays, music, and wildlife. They even learn how to speak a few words in the country’s language! Each 32-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. The engaging text, bold design, and stunning photos are sure to spark children’s interest.

Select titles also available in Spanish! Click here for Los países de donde venimos (Countries We Come From) series product details.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Countries We Come From (70 titles)
Cover: Afghanistan Afghanistan 3.8
Cover: Albania Albania 3.5
Cover: Argentina Argentina 3.2
Cover: Armenia Armenia 3.5
Cover: Australia Australia 4.1
Cover: Austria Austria 3.6
Cover: Bangladesh Bangladesh
Cover: Bolivia Bolivia 3.6
Cover: Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 3.6
Cover: Brazil Brazil 3.1
Cover: Bulgaria Bulgaria 3.8
Cover: Cambodia Cambodia 3.2
Cover: Canada Canada 2.9
Cover: Chile Chile 3.2
Cover: China China 3.1
Cover: Colombia Colombia 3.1
Cover: Costa Rica Costa Rica 4.1
Cover: Cuba Cuba 3.2
Cover: Denmark Denmark 3.3
Cover: Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 3.3
Cover: Egypt Egypt
Cover: El Salvador El Salvador 3.0
Cover: England England 3.5
Cover: Ethiopia Ethiopia
Cover: France France 3.4
Cover: Germany Germany 3.2
Cover: Ghana Ghana
Cover: Greece Greece 3.5
Cover: Guatemala Guatemala 3.2
Cover: Guyana Guyana 3.3
Cover: Haiti Haiti 3.2
Cover: Honduras Honduras 3.1
Cover: India India 3.0
Cover: Indonesia Indonesia 3.8
Cover: Iran Iran 3.1
Cover: Iraq Iraq
Cover: Ireland Ireland 4.0
Cover: Italy Italy 3.3
Cover: Jamaica Jamaica 3.1
Cover: Japan Japan 3.4
Cover: Kenya Kenya 3.2
Cover: Jordan Jordan 3.5
Cover: Laos Laos 3.2
Cover: Lebanon Lebanon 3.4
Cover: Liberia Liberia 3.5
Cover: Malaysia Malaysia 3.6
Cover: Mexico Mexico 3.1
Cover: Morocco Morocco 3.5
Cover: Myanmar Myanmar 3.2
Cover: Nepal Nepal 2.8
Cover: Netherlands Netherlands 3.6
Cover: Nicaragua Nicaragua 3.4
Cover: Nigeria Nigeria
Cover: Pakistan Pakistan 3.4
Cover: Panama Panama 3.6
Cover: Peru Peru 3.1
Cover: Poland Poland 2.9
Cover: Portugal Portugal 3.2
Cover: Romania Romania 3.8
Cover: Russia Russia 3.5
Cover: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 3.8
Cover: Scotland Scotland 4.0
Cover: Somalia Somalia
Cover: Taiwan Taiwan 3.3
Cover: Thailand Thailand 3.2
Cover: Ecuador Ecuador 3.0
Cover: Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 3.5
Cover: Ukraine Ukraine 3.4
Cover: Venezuela Venezuela 3.3
Cover: Vietnam Vietnam 2.8
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 2
Copyright 2016
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Countries We Come From
Language English
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 8 x 8
ISBN 9781627248525, 9781627249133, 9781627249737
Title Format Reinforced book, Unlimited Access eBook, Savings Bundle

Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Nepal

Bright colored and packed with Nepal’s variety, this short book gives a great first glimpse into the mountainous country. The text is simple enough for young, beginner readers and short enough not to scare away more reluctant ones. Important facts are sprinkled among more fun ones, which not only holds readers’ interest, but also allows the country to be presented in a diversity of ways. Everything from food to history to sports and, of course, Mount Everest are touched upon. The bright photographs allow readers to get a glimpse at everyday life and the sights in Nepal. Little bubbles with extra tidbits help express the images in the photographs. There are also pronunciation helps with some of the more difficult words. At the end of the book, there’s a glossary, index and website address, where readers can go to find more information. It’s a simple book packed with first bits of interesting facts, so kids can get their first glimpses at the country and culture.

Booklist Review for Ecuador, Honduras, Jamaica, and Peru

With bright photos and welcoming descriptors, like “Full of Wonder” and “Breathtaking,” the books in the Countries We Come From series present young readers with attractive overviews of individual countries around the world. Each begins with a world map showing the country’s location and two to three sentences stating its population and the region of which the country is a part (e.g., Central America). Vibrant photos fill the ensuing pages, mixing full- and double-page spreads with circular pictures that spotlight specific elements of the land or culture. Readers will learn about the country’s geography and wildlife; crops and/or industry; Native peoples, conquerors, and independence; and aspects of culture, such as language, festivals, cuisine, and popular pastimes. Ecuador shows off the blue-footed booby, unique to its Galapagos Islands, and reveals that despite being a small country, it produces most of the world’s bananas. In Honduras, readers discover that the Maya originally lived here and that its modern residents love playing soccer. Although the other three titles reviewed here gloss over the unpleasantness of conquest, Jamaica briefly describes its history of slavery. Deserts, mountains, and the rain forest kick off Peru, but readers may be most taken with Lima’s cat park. “Fast Facts,” a picture glossary, and an index round out these concise and reader-friendly introductions to some of the world’s countries.

SLJ Review - Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Colombia

The latest titles in this continuing series visit countries of the Caribbean Basin. The strongest element of the set is the appealing format; large, colorful captioned photos arranged in clean layouts with two to three sentences of simple text. Books begin with a locator map and population statistics and continue on to cover landforms, animals, cities, agriculture, history, food, and celebrations. Extras include two simple words in the nation’s language and a “Fun Facts” summary page. Coverage is positive, with an emphasis on the people, customs, and natural world rather than governments and institutions. In Cuba, the only mention of its communist government is a paragraph about the lifting of the travel ban due to the country’s recent rapprochement with the United States. This set continues the series’ focus on introducing countries with large immigrant populations in the United States. VERDICT Recommended additions.

School Library Journal Review for Countries We Come From

Large, vibrant photos, many of children, are the strongest element of this attractive series. Clean layouts feature captioned double- or full-page photos and two to three sentences of simple text. Books open with a locator map and population statistics, and while topics vary somewhat by country, they generally include landforms, interesting animals, cities, crops, history, foods, and celebrations. The titles also feature a page with two simple words or phrases in the nation’s language and conclude with a brief “Fast Facts” summary page. Coverage is upbeat and emphasizes the country’s land, people, and animals rather than governments and institutions. VERDICT These offerings celebrate diversity and introduce nations that have strong ties with our own, making them good purchase choices.

Booklist Review for Guatemala

Ready to do some armchair traveling? This entry in the Countries We Come From series lets readers explore Guatemala’s cities, landscape, ruins, and more. The first thing readers learn is that Guatemala is colorful, busy, and warm. Vibrant photo illustrations support this claim, showing huge, colorful kites, a crowded market, and bright green palm trees. While the text remains simple, it does dig a little deeper as the book progresses, offering basic facts on population, languages spoken, information about the Maya, and popular pastimes and celebrations. Large-scale photos grace almost every page, showing the country up close: a farmer picking coffee, a woman making tortillas, a quetzal in flight, and a smoking volcano. Though too spare for more in-depth reports, this provides a well-rounded and attractive first glimpse into life in another country.

Activities for further learning
Author/Illustrator biography
Detailed maps
Glossary of key words
Online learning supplement
Sources for further research
Suggested websites
Table of contents
Full-color photographs

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