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Cover: Zoo Clues

Zoo Clues

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Young children will love showing off their beginning reading skills as they learn about this dazzling collection of wild and wonderful zoo animals—one clue at a time! This series introduces emergent readers to unusual animals from around the world through a fun guessing game. Rich, colorful photos and a clever design will engage young children as they read and explore. Each 24-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. Vibrant photos closely align with descriptive text. Early readers will strengthen their reading skills while learning all about animals in an enjoyable, exciting way!

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Zoo Clues (10 titles)
Cover: My Body Is Striped and Leafy (Leafy Sea Dragon) My Body Is Striped and Leafy (Leafy Sea Dragon) 0.9
Cover: My Claws Are Large and Curved (Komodo Dragon) My Claws Are Large and Curved (Komodo Dragon) 0.8
Cover: My Eyes Are Big and Red (Tree Frog) My Eyes Are Big and Red (Tree Frog) 0.8
Cover: My Fangs Are White and Sharp (Vampire Bat) My Fangs Are White and Sharp (Vampire Bat) 0.8
Cover: My Fur Is Thick and Spotted (Snow Leopard) My Fur Is Thick and Spotted (Snow Leopard) 0.7
Cover: My Legs Are Long and Strong (Ostrich) My Legs Are Long and Strong (Ostrich) 0.8
Cover: My Nose Is Long and Fuzzy (Anteater) My Nose Is Long and Fuzzy (Anteater) 0.9
Cover: My Skin Is Bumpy and Slimy (Fire Salamander) My Skin Is Bumpy and Slimy (Fire Salamander) 0.7
Cover: My Skin Is Gray and Wrinkly (Walrus) My Skin Is Gray and Wrinkly (Walrus) 0.8
Cover: My Tail Is Long and Striped (Lemur) My Tail Is Long and Striped (Lemur) 0.8
Interest Level Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 1
Genre Beginning Readers, Nonfiction
Copyright 2014
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Zoo Clues
Language English
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 8 x 8
ISBN 9781627241069, 9781627241588, 9781627242103
Title Format Reinforced book, Hosted eBook, Savings Bundle

Library Media Connection Review for Zoo Clues

Using puzzle pieces and one sentence observations, the books in this series capture the reader’s attention with real-life photography. The puzzle pieces help the reader guess the little-known animal featured. The brief sentences are helpful for new or struggling readers. At the end of each book are facts about the animals, such as where they are from or their size in relation to a human. The colorful pictures will help to guide the reader to important facts in the text. Each book features a different animal, giving the reader little hints and facts about the animal. Recommended.

School Library Journal Review for Zoo Clues

Simple vocabulary and concise sentences make this series accessible, while the guessing-game format gives it panache. Each book begins with a brightly colored photo on the cover that reveals only the body part from the title. The opening spread reminds readers to look at each body part (eyes, teeth, ears, etc.), and a short sentence or two describes the mystery animal part by part, spread by spread. Finally, the mystery animal is uncovered at the end. A superimposed jigsaw outline reinforces visual skills, both emphasizing and obscuring animal parts. The highlighted animals are not the standard early-elementary fare (among the offerings are lemurs, Komodo dragons, and giant anteaters), adding to the suspense and building curiosity. Additional features include a facts table and a map. This series will leave young readers wanting more-not a bad thing when it comes to developing reading skills. Give beginning readers the nonfiction they crave with “Zoo Clues,” “Miniature Animal Marvels,” and “Fetch.” The open layout, engaging photos, and solid information presented here will keep these titles flying off the shelves. For the intermediate crowd, selections become more serious. These series almost universally mention the growing extinction tragedy, setting them apart from many comparable books. “Real Life Sea Monsters” blends the fear factor with solid information while avoiding the macabre. For those looking for books on endangered creatures, “Animals in Danger” is the way to go, with Birds and Mammals offering the best of the bunch. If motivation for community action is needed, these may provide inspiration.

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