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School Library Journal Review of Eco-Disasters

Cover: Eco-Disasters

Gr 4-6–A dramatic introduction sets the scene of each event, followed by short chapters that describe it from start to finish or to its current status, with an emphasis on its immediate and continuing human costs. Each book clearly states who or what was responsible for the disaster, and discusses restitution or lack thereof to victims, as well as the ongoing or long-term detrimental effects. “Fixing the Future” sections detail continuing cleanup efforts or measures to prevent future calamities….VERDICT: This set will help readers understand the myriad large-scale ecological disasters that can happen and their lasting human and societal costs. A solid purchase.

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Deadly Mine: Libby, Montana Deadly Mine: Libby, Montana NEW 5.8
Eco-Disasters (8 titles) NEW
Cover: Killer Smog: London, England Killer Smog: London, England NEW 5.6
Cover: Nuclear Accident: Chernobyl Power Plant, Ukraine Nuclear Accident: Chernobyl Power Plant, Ukraine NEW 6.0
Cover: Oil Spill: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Deepwater Horizon NEW 5.6
Cover: Poisoned Air: Bhopal, India Poisoned Air: Bhopal, India NEW 5.8
Cover: Rising Seas: Miami, Florida Rising Seas: Miami, Florida NEW 5.8
Cover: Sick Soil: The Dust Bowl Sick Soil: The Dust Bowl NEW 5.5
Cover: Toxic Water: Minamata, Japan Toxic Water: Minamata, Japan NEW 5.8

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