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Cover: Climate Change: Need to Know

Climate Change: Need to Know

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Damaging storms, melting ice sheets, rising sea levels--the world is experiencing the results of serious climate change. But what is happening exactly? Bring Earth science to life with this curricular high-interest, low-reading level series. An engaging exploration of climate change keeps struggling readers interested while carefully leveled text paired with a dyslexic-friendly font and design make learning easy. Featured infographics and SilverTips for Success guide a review of key concepts from the book to reinforce comprehension and help readers ace their next test.

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Climate Change: Need to Know (6 titles) NEW
Cover: Animal and Plant Extinction Animal and Plant Extinction NEW
Cover: Disappearing Ice Sheets Disappearing Ice Sheets NEW
Cover: Extreme Weather Extreme Weather NEW
Cover: Global Warming Global Warming NEW
Cover: The Greenhouse Effect The Greenhouse Effect NEW
Cover: Sea Level Rise Sea Level Rise NEW
Interest Level Grade 5 - Grade 7
Reading Level Grade 2
BISACS JNF037020, JNF000000
Genre Nonfiction
Copyright 2024
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Climate Change: Need to Know
Language English
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 6.5 x 9
ISBN 9798889165200, 9798889168744, 9798889168751
Title Format Reinforced book, Hosted eBook, Savings Bundle
Author Jane Parks Gardner, Ashley Kuehl, Daniel R. Faust

Booklist Review of Climate Change: Need to Know

The Climate Change: Need to Know series explains how and why Earth’s climate is changing through thought-provoking text, informative fact boxes, and striking visuals. Each title covers a specific effect of glob warming and contains essential information to save our planet. Animal and Plant Extinction reveals how climate change has more than doubled thenumber of animals at risk of extinction in the last 15 years. The book also gives specific examples of why certain animals are in danger. Disappearing Ice Sheets shows how ice sheets are melting faster because of climate change caused by the greenhouse effect. Climate changes such as warmer temperatures, droughts, and hurricanes are described in Extreme Weather. In The Greenhouse Effect, readers will learn what is causing Earth’s temperature to increase, and that the temperature is expected to rise two degrees more within the next 25 years. Each title includes helpful tips on what people can do to slow climate change on Earth, such as using solar and wind power, riding bikes, conserving electricity, and reducing fossil fuel usage. This series creates a much-needed deeper understanding of climate change and how it is rapidly affecting our planet, as well as how simple changes can make a huge difference.

—Alana Jara

SLJ Review of World History: Need to Know

This series describes a wide range of historical topics and events, like decolonization, the Industrial Revolution, and war. Paragraphs are paired with color photos or art from history, with vocabulary words bolded throughout. Lengthier paragraphs with short sentences are written at a second grade level, and fact boxes and picture ­captions offer information in addition to the main text.

Infographics are also used to give a better understanding of a subject, like how more factories meant more people worked in factories, which made the Revolution move faster (The Industrial Revolution). The series is extremely timely, working to inform the reader without romanticizing the past and providing clarity for the ­present day, “The effects of colonialism are still felt today. Many countries still have strong ties to their former colonizers,” (Decolonization). Back matter includes learning and ­retention tips, a ­glossary and index, and additional resources. Younger readers may need guidance from an educator or ­caregiver.

VERDICT: A series that covers a variety of historical topics for older elementary readers.

SLJ Review of Climate Change: Need to Know

Clearly organized text, fact boxes, and colorful images with informative captions support young readers in understanding a variety of aspects of climate change in this series. Although paragraphs look longer, they are written at a second grade reading level, and the font was chosen with readability in mind. Infographic maps break down how the climate has changed over time.

The text uses past and present examples for readers to connect how long climate change has been happening: “The average temperature on Earth has gone up about 2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880,” (The Greenhouse ­Effect,). The back matter includes learning and retention tips, a glossary and an index, and additional resources. While this topic can be overwhelming, each title has a section about action readers can take to slow climate change.

VERDICT: Extremely timely series for young readers.

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