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Cover: What on Earth? Climate Change Explained

What on Earth? Climate Change Explained

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Climate is the usual weather found in a place, from how much rain it gets in a year to a change in temperature during a certain month or season. Earth's climate is always changing, but what does that really mean? Let's investigate the problem of climate change and explore its impact on our planet, the animals around us, and ourselves. Readers will learn the problems of the present, what they might face in the future, and what they can do to help.

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What on Earth? Climate Change Explained (6 titles)
Cover: Animals in Danger Animals in Danger
Cover: Fires Everywhere Fires Everywhere
Cover: Melting Ice Melting Ice
Cover: Rising Seas Rising Seas
Cover: Terrible Storms Terrible Storms
Cover: Warming Planet Warming Planet
Interest Level Grade 3 - Grade 7
Reading Level Grade 4
Genre High-Interest, Nonfiction
Copyright 2022
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series What on Earth? Climate Change Explained
Language English
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 6.5 x 9
ISBN 9781636915548, 9781636915685, 9781636916934
Title Format Reinforced book, Unlimited Access eBook, Savings Bundle

SLJ Review of What on Earth? Climate Change Explained

This series covers the many aspects of climate change from weather patterns to climate events to the effects on animals. Each section is two pages long, and builds understanding of what climate change is and why it is happening. For example, due to climate change “…fire seasons worldwide have gotten longer—in some places as much as a whole month longer each year!” (Terrible Storms).
Alternating with paragraphs, full-page photos with small text boxes and/or captions, as well as infographics, the sections move quickly while also providing a significant amount of information. Each title ends with a list of how the reader can help fight climate change with a picture guide and description. While much of the information can feel overwhelming, it is important to note what people can do to lessen climate change and then follow through. Each title ends with a glossary, what to read next, online resources with a QR code from the publisher, and an index.
VERDICT: A in-depth series on climate change for upper middle grades.

SLJ Review of Seasons of Fun: Spring

Young readers will learn all about spring in this series. Brightly colored pages featuring simple text and large images describe the season’s weather, holidays, sports, and plants. Bolded vocabulary words can be found in the glossary. Each book ends with a one-page exploration of a topic including the origins of Earth Day, the history of baseball, the rain cycle, and the plant growth cycle. Back matter includes an index and suggested resources for further reading.

VERDICT: Large text and simple sentences make this series good for beginning readers. Purchase where books about the seasons are needed.

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