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Cover: Spooky Stories for Grades K-3

Spooky Stories for Grades K-3

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Give young readers the spooky stories they crave! From quirky fun monster stories to ghostly tales about real places, these spook-tacular books will captivate readers.

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Spooky Stories for Grades K-3 (35 titles) N/A
Cover: Alien Landing Sites Alien Landing Sites 4.2
Cover: Chilling Cemeteries Chilling Cemeteries 3.5
Cover: Count to Add with Baron Von Madd Count to Add with Baron Von Madd
Cover: Creaky Castles Creaky Castles 4.0
Cover: Creepy Chicago Creepy Chicago 3.6
Cover: Creepy Schools Creepy Schools 4.0
Cover: Deadly Morgues Deadly Morgues 3.6
Cover: Deserted Cities Deserted Cities 3.6
Cover: Deserted Prisons Deserted Prisons 4.2
Cover: Ghost Caves Ghost Caves 3.9
Cover: Ghost Houses Ghost Houses 4.6
Cover: Ghostly Theaters Ghostly Theaters 3.5
Cover: Ghostly Towns Ghostly Towns 3.7
Cover: Halloween Halloween 1.3
Cover: Haunted Amusement Parks Haunted Amusement Parks 3.5
Cover: Horrifying Hollywood Horrifying Hollywood 4.0
Cover: Horror Hotels Horror Hotels 3.8
Cover: Lurid London Lurid London 3.9
Cover: Monstrous Montreal Monstrous Montreal 4.0
Cover: More or Less and a Vampire's Guess More or Less and a Vampire's Guess 1.9
Cover: Mummy Tombs Mummy Tombs 3.6
Cover: Nightmarish New York Nightmarish New York 3.8
Cover: Odd or Even in a Monstrous Season Odd or Even in a Monstrous Season 1.8
Cover: Sinister Savannah Sinister Savannah 3.5
Cover: Spooky Libraries Spooky Libraries 3.9
Cover: Spooky New Orleans Spooky New Orleans 3.8
Cover: The Dark Underground The Dark Underground 4.2
Cover: The Ghost of Skip-Count Castle The Ghost of Skip-Count Castle 1.7
Cover: The Witch's Things The Witch's Things 2.1
Cover: Wretched Washington Wretched Washington 3.9
Cover: Zombie Take Away Zombie Take Away
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 2
Genre Beginning Readers, Narrative Nonfiction, Nonfiction
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Language English
Activities for further learning
Author/Illustrator biography
Detailed maps
Online learning supplement
Sources for further research
Suggested websites
Table of contents
Teaching guides
Full-color illustrations, Full-color photographs, Historical photographs