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Cover: The Dino-sphere

The Dino-sphere

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Young kids love all things dinosaur! From fossil hunters to baby dinosaurs, this new series digs deep into all areas of The Dino-sphere! The expertly crafted text with strong visual cues to support new vocabulary will engage early readers as they build their reading confidence. Each 24-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple, clear sentences. A fresh design and fantastic artwork closely align with the descriptive text, which will captivate young readers. The Dino-sphere is part of Bearport’s Little Bits! First Readers program.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Dino-sphere (10 titles) NEW
Cover: Dinosaur Warriors Dinosaur Warriors NEW
Cover: Dinosaurs Hatched! Dinosaurs Hatched! NEW
Cover: Extreme Dinosaur Hunt Extreme Dinosaur Hunt NEW
Cover: Fossil Hunters at Work Fossil Hunters at Work NEW
Cover: Fossils: What Dinosaurs Left Behind Fossils: What Dinosaurs Left Behind NEW
Cover: Flying Lizards Big as Planes Flying Lizards Big as Planes NEW
Cover: Incredible Dinosaur Facts Incredible Dinosaur Facts NEW
Cover: Last Days of the Dinosaurs Last Days of the Dinosaurs NEW
Cover: The Biggest Dinosaurs The Biggest Dinosaurs NEW
Cover: When Birds Had Teeth When Birds Had Teeth NEW
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 2
BISACS JNF003050, JNF025150, JNF037050
Genre Great for Hi-Lo Readers, Nonfiction
Copyright 2019
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series The Dino-sphere
Language English
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 8 x 8
ISBN 9781642801804, 9781642802498, 9781642803181
Title Format Reinforced book, Hosted eBook, Savings Bundle

Booklist Review of Fossils: What Dinosaurs Left Behind

Owen provides young, dinosaur-crazy children with a basic introduction to fossils and the work of paleontologists in this Dino-Sphere series (10 titles) entry. Incorporating a large font, short sentences, plentiful color photographs, and text boxes into two-page topical spreads makes the book approachable for beginning readers. Beginning with scientists finding fossilized T. rex bones, the text describes how and when the dinosaur might have died, how its flesh was eaten by other animals, and how its bones turned to rock, ultimately settling the dino beneath a mountain—only to be discovered several million years later. The wonderfully gross topic of coprolite—always a kid-pleaser—also gets a mention. The back matter includes an illustrated glossary, other books, and a link to websites. This will satisfy teachers and beginning researchers alike.

Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Dinosaurs Hatched!

The fascinating world of dinosaurs and their eggs is brought to life and explained in a way appropriate for young dino enthusiasts.

The first two-page spread sets the atmosphere—cute, little dinosaur babies just breaking out of their eggs. The high quality of the worked photos throughout the book create an extremely realistic appearing setting, which is sure to catch the attention of young readers right away. How dinosaurs laid eggs, what their nests looked like, how the babies were card for and exactly why the eggs we find today were fossilized are topics which are all addressed. At the end of the book, there’s a glossary to help with more difficult terms, a list of where to find more information about the topic and a website address to learn more as well.

The text is steered toward younger readers/listeners and kept at the minimum required to address a topic. The colorful bubbles of information sprinkled among the illustrations help point out certain aspects and offer more information. The information never runs too deep, but simply gives a general idea of dinosaurs and their eggs. Several different dinosaurs are addressed to illustrate the various nesting possibilities, and while this was interesting, some of the dinosaur types were not familiar to my listeners….Dinosaur fans are sure to enjoy this one!

Author/Illustrator biography
Glossary of key words
Online learning supplement
Sources for further research
Suggested websites
Table of contents
Full-color illustrations, Full-color photographs

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