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Cover: Not Near Normal: The Paranormal

Not Near Normal: The Paranormal

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For thousands of years, people have told stories of strange creatures that haunt our world. From werewolves and blood-sucking vampires, to aliens and bodies that crawl out of their graves, the hair-raising tales both delight and horrify. Are these stories just works of fiction? Or do these old legends, myths, and spooky fireside tales contain some elements of truth?

In Not Near Normal: The Paranormal, readers will get the chance to immerse themselves in the world of the paranormal. Each book is packed with historical stories and modern-day accounts of creatures and events that are truly strange—and often terrifying. Do human fear and superstition explain the “existence” of zombies and ghosts, or can science offer an explanation? Check out this series and decide for yourself!

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Not Near Normal: The Paranormal (6 titles)
Cover: Aliens and Other Visitors Aliens and Other Visitors 6.1
Cover: Ghosts and Other Spirits of the Dead Ghosts and Other Spirits of the Dead 5.9
Cover: Half-Human Monsters and Other Fiends Half-Human Monsters and Other Fiends 5.9
Cover: Vampires and Other Bloodsuckers Vampires and Other Bloodsuckers 6.2
Cover: Werewolves and Other Shape-Shifters Werewolves and Other Shape-Shifters 5.2
Cover: Zombies and Other Walking Dead Zombies and Other Walking Dead 5.8
Interest Level Grade 3 - Grade 8
Reading Level Grade 4
Genre Narrative Nonfiction, Nonfiction
Copyright 2013
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Not Near Normal: The Paranormal
Language English
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 8 x 10
ISBN 9781617727207, 9781617727696, 9781617728181
Title Format Reinforced book, Unlimited Access eBook, Savings Bundle

School Library Journal Review for Not Near Normal: The Paranormal

Each volume introduces a different paranormal creature and focuses on the stories surrounding it. Some titles attempt to examine the origin of their supernatural subjects. For example, Ghosts asks, “If ghosts aren’t spirits of the dead, what are they?” which should prompt students to ponder the truth of the paranormal stories without providing hard and fast answers on whether or not these beings exist. Grotesque images and color and black-and-white photos (most look digitally enhanced) illustrate each page. The effect is often artificial and sometimes comical, but delightfully creepy anyway. Text boxes shaped like headstones deliver scary tidbits and anecdotes. Folklore is the main focus of the texts, but there are some notable exceptions for pop culture (e.g., Dracula and the “Twilight” series get nods in Vampires). Features such as “A Werewolf’s Diary” and “Ghosts Around the World” are silly, but nonetheless entertaining.

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