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Booklist Review for Valley of the Golden Mummies: A Giant Cemetery

Cover: Egypt's Ancient Secrets

This volume in the Egypt’s Ancient Secrets series follows renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawaas on an exciting 1996 dig near the Bahariya Oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert. After hearing about a donkey that stumbled in a hole containing a golden burial mask, Hawaas rushed to the scene and discovered an ancient cemetery that could contain as many as 10,000 mummies! Readers will get a basic overview of the excavation process, as well as an understanding of how a person’s class affected their burial—for instance, only the wealthy could afford gold masks. The text also follows one mummy to the lab for examination and investigates a potential mummy’s curse. Liberally illustrated with labeled photos of artifacts and the dig, this look at one of Egypt’s less-discussed discoveries will pique the interest of any Egyptophile.

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