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Cover: Bugged Out! The World's Most Dangerous Bugs

Bugged Out! The World's Most Dangerous Bugs

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Creepy, crawly, and downright deadly! This narrative nonfiction series introduces young readers to mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other creatures that carry or cause horrifying diseases. Each book is packed with interesting information about the organism's life cycle, how it transmits diseases, and how to protect yourself from becoming its victim. This series also includes captivating real-life stories about people who were attacked by the world's most dangerous bugs--and lived to tell the terrifying tale.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Bugged Out! The World's Most Dangerous Bugs (5 titles)
Cover: Frightening Fleas Frightening Fleas 5.3
Cover: Killer Kissing Bugs Killer Kissing Bugs 5.2
Cover: Murderous Mosquitoes Murderous Mosquitoes 5.4
Cover: Terrifying Ticks Terrifying Ticks 5.3
Cover: Wretched Worms Wretched Worms 5.5
Interest Level Grade 2 - Grade 7
Reading Level Grade 3
BISACS JNF003120, JNF051150, JNF003000
Genre Narrative Nonfiction, Nonfiction
Copyright 2019
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Bugged Out! The World's Most Dangerous Bugs
Language English
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 8 x 10
ISBN 9781642801651, 9781642802344, 9781642803037
Title Format Reinforced book, Unlimited Access eBook, Savings Bundle

School Library Journal Review of Bugged Out! The World's Most Dangerous Bugs

The connection between bugs and bubonic plague, malaria, and other dangers are highlighted in this series. Each title opens with a true story of a human victim, which includes a photo and quotes from the person. Background information follows in clear, well-organized prose. Readers learn about the creatures, the diseases they transmit, and current medical treatments, with at least one other real-life example included. Visuals effectively support the horrific nature of the topic, mixing close-up bug photos and images of afflicted humans, a few of which are especially alarming. Facts about the uncertainty of some treatments and the continued geographic spread of the bugs add to the drama. Safety tips are included, along with some data about the relative rarity of some diseases, but the focus is definitely on the shocking dangers of bugs and afflictions. VERDICT Effective presentation for readers intrigued about the more gruesome aspects of nature.

Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Murderous Mosquitoes

Bug fans and biology aces are going to be thrilled by these pages and gain a little more respect for a very tiny insect.

Mosquitoes rule in this book, but it’s not their harmless biology which takes the spotlight. Mosquitoes can be very dangerous and should not be underestimated. After a quick Table of Contents to help young researchers find sought after information more quickly, the first pages dive into the story of a woman, who was bitten by a mosquito and soon fought for her life as she battled malaria. The book grabs attention right away, and not the kind which more sensitive readers will appreciate. But then, malaria is not a nice disease.

While a mosquitoes’ habitat, basic biology and living facts are explained, it’s the diseases which they carry and the dangers that come with it, which keeps these pages turning. Each page holds about one paragraph of text, which is laid out for readers who have a pretty good handle on reading (ages 7 and up). It’s written in an interesting way, keeping boredom at bay while bringing across very interesting facts. Colorful and clear photographs accompany every page, allowing readers to get a glimpse at the reality and helping the information gain more clarity. To spruce things up, explanations as well as extra tidbits are sprinkled among the photos.

At the end of the book, a few more diseases not explored more closely are mentioned, followed by a more detailed glossary of the terminology, and ending with an index, bibliography, hints of where to find more information, and a website which discusses mosquitoes.

Author/Illustrator biography
Glossary of key words
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