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Collared Lizard

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A colorful lizard basks on a rock in the morning sun. Then it spots a grasshopper. In a flash, the lizard runs across the hot desert sand, using only its hind legs. It grabs the insect in its mouth. Welcome to life in the desert! Young readers will learn all about the desert environment where the collared lizard lives, as well as its physical characteristics, what it eats, and how it survives in its hot, dry home. Colorful photos and diagrams, clear text, age-appropriate activities, and critical-thinking questions will keep young readers turning the pages as they take a closer look at this intriguing desert dweller.

Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 5
Reading Level Grade 3
Genre High-Interest, Nonfiction
Copyright 2015
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Desert Animals Searchin' for Shade
Language English
ISBN 9781627246217
Title Format Unlimited Access eBook
Dewey 597.95
ATOS Reading Level 4.0
Guided Reading Level M
Lexile Reading Level 530
Scholastic Reading Counts Level 3.6
AR Quiz Number 171851
Author Karen Ang

SLC Review - Desert Animals

The desert is a harsh and unforgiving environment and home to a collection of unique animals with special characteristics which allow them to live and thrive there. The well-written text explores physical characteristics, diet, predators, and the young. Colorful full-page photographs, text bubbles, and diagrams perfectly complement the age-appropriate text. A critical thinking question is included in each spread. Each title includes a Science Lab section which presents students with a challenge based on the text. These would be appropriate for use in a learning center to promote independent learning. Photographs of prey being eaten might disturb some readers, but most students will be captivated by the fascinating animals described in each title.

Author/Illustrator biography
Detailed maps
Glossary of key words
Table of contents
Full-color photographs

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