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School Library Journal Review of Weirder and Cuter

With a few sentences per page and a variety of well-chosen photos, these books introduce animals that will be new to many readers. Children’s books on axolotls, snub-nosed monkeys, and Polish chickens are particularly hard to find. The text provides general data on physiology, behavior, and

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School Library Journal Review of Eco-Disasters

Gr 4-6–A dramatic introduction sets the scene of each event, followed by short chapters that describe it from start to finish or to its current status, with an emphasis on its immediate and continuing human costs. Each book clearly states who or what was responsible for the disaster, and…

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School Library Journal Review of Amazing Americans: Olympians

Gr 1-3–The layouts in each of these titles are colorful and image heavy, and the text blocks are short and simple, an appealing combination for younger or reluctant readers. Small gold medallions punctuate the text with bits of trivia—Katie Ledecky enjoys playing piano and traditional Irish

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School Library Connection Review for Egypt’s Ancient Secrets

In this series readers can learn about the interesting mysteries surrounding the ancient Egyptian civilization. The titles cover lots of in-depth information about the pyramids, mummies, religious rituals, and burial practices of the ancient Egyptians, which are fascinating to students…

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Booklist Review for Poop Eaters

This study, one of six in the certain-to-be-popular Scoop on Poop series, begins with the cecotropes that little fuzzy bunnies excrete and then eat, and ends with a truly memorable photo of pooping whales. In between, Lawrence explains why certain animals eat poop: rodents and…

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Booklist Review for Deadly Mine: Libby, Montana

The Eco-Disasters series examines environmentally based catastrophes that have severely impacted human life. Here readers visit Libby, Montana, where a long history of vermiculite mining has afflicted its residents with deadly lung disease. This lightweight mineral became a popular…

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School Library Connection Review for American Places: From Vision to Reality

This series features accessible volumes about great American places. Struggling readers will not be overwhelmed with lengthy text, as there is approximately one paragraph on each page. The text is supplemented with images, drawings, and clear diagrams. For those who are mathematically…

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School Library Connection Review for Hound Town Chronicles

This is a very readable set of early chapter books about service dogs. The simple plots and informative text make a winning combination. In each short book, a child is introduced to a dog, an adult explains how the dog is trained, and there is always an opportunity for the dog to help a…

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Booklist Review for My Busy Day

Preschoolers will delight in the busy pages of this detailed look at the common activities and objects that fill a child’s day. Broken into 13 categories, the book spans from yawning awake to getting a good-night kiss, with each receiving a two-page assortment of labeled photos. All the…

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Booklist Review of Parques de diversiones embrujados

This entry in the De Puntillas en lugares escalofriantes (Tiptoe into Scary Places) series hits kids where they live: amusement parks. Cantor recounts creepy, alleged tales of people hearing their names whispered in the air, seeing shadowy figures pass by, and suddenly coming face-to-face…

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Jean Little Library Blog Review of Harpy Eagle

This new series features “Apex Predators,” from giant otters to jaguars. I received the Harpy Eagle for review.

Harpy eagles are really cool. I didn’t really learn anything new in this book, but I enjoyed revisiting these cool creatures. This rain forest eagle is one of the largest birds

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Chicken

Sticking to the facts, this book explains exactly how a chicken develops from an egg in a way young listeners can easily understand.

This book is chicken information pure—starting with what a chicken is to how an egg is formed and what happens from there. The information is brought…

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