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Booklist Review of Creepy Chicago, Lurid London, Monstrous Montreal, and Nightmarish New York

Scorned women, phantom children, and mysterious painted specters are just some of the haunting figures that fill the pages of the high-interest Tiptoe into Scary Cities series (8 titles). Part fright fest, part city guide, this series offers easy vocab, simple sentences, and creepy (but not

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Deadly Scorpion Sting!

Friends of creepy crawlies and more dangerous creatures will not only get a thrill but learn all sorts of things about the world of scorpions.

The theme of this book is very clear—deadly scorpions. The first page already introduces a wild environment in the jungles of Thailand and a man…

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Poison Slimers

Slime and animal fans will not only get their thrills when reading this but learn several things along the way. The title of the book already says it: ‘Poisons dart frogs, sea cucumbers, and more’. So much more. The pages are packed with colored creatures from around the world, including…

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School Library Journal Review of Wildlife Watchers

Narrative text describes several experiences of a single animal, introducing key facts along the way. In Toad, for instance, a female leaves her burrow, avoids some predators, mates, lays eggs, hunts, and returns to the burrow. Photographs show the various steps, providing strong visual…

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School Library Journal Review of Animals On the Move!

Cute photos serve as an appealing backdrop for this series aimed at new readers. Six spreads ask a repeated question (“What can dig?”), with the answer provided below (“A mole can dig”). The simple words are set against an engaging photograph of the featured animal demonstrating the action…

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Spooky New Orleans

Fans of spooks, goose bumps and scares will devour this book and be ready to spend the night with the blankets pulled over their heads.

New Orleans is rich with history…and by no means, only the good kind. This book takes a look at four local myths, the spooky kind. It begins with an…

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Miranda Lambert

Fans of country music and especially Miranda Lambert gain an interesting glimpse into her background and are inspired to follow their own dreams. Kids ages 4 to 7 who adore Miranda Lambert (or those who want to get to know more about her) will find exactly what they’re looking for in these…

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Booklist Review of Animals That Fly

The Animals on the Move! series (6 titles) is part of Bearcubs Books, a new imprint dedicated to supporting early literacy skills. This book uses a repetitive Q&A format to support new readers and show off some of the sky’s frequent fliers. A large, vividly colored photo spans

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Booklist Review of Harvest Mouse

Up-close photos of the tiny harvest mouse do the heavy lifting in this volume in the Wildlife Watchers series (4 titles), aimed at the primary grades. Shown snacking, climbing, snuggling, and scurrying, this adorable rodent will easily attract an eager audience. Newly independent…

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Booklist STARRED Review of Creeping Slime: Slime Molds

Starred Review: The bright yellow, alien-looking globs on the cover of this volume in the Slime-inator & Other Slippery Tricksters series (6 titles) hint at something gross within, and, well, that’s not far off the mark. But slime molds are also seriously cool, and readers…

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SLC Review of A Day at the Beach: Animal Life on the Shore

Primary readers will feel like they have spent an exciting day at the beach when they explore the six titles in this colorful, fact-packed series about animal inhabitants at the seashore. Each nonfiction title has a table of contents, index, and Science Words (essentially a mini glossary)…

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Harvest Mouse

This takes a short glance at the life of a harvest mouse and helps kids to learn the basics of reading along the way. Inside the cover are ‘Tips for Reading Success’ which give parents/readers wonderful ideas on how to lead young listeners and early readers into the pages, while making the…

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