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Garland Independent School District Review of Farm Charm: In the Field

This book takes readers to describe what they see when in a field. The left page poses the questions, “What do you see?” and the right page describes the stock photos (ex. I see cows in the field.) This books uses high-frequency words & a repetitive sentence structure. The back page…

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School Library Journal Review of Bugged Out! The World's Most Dangerous Bugs

The connection between bugs and bubonic plague, malaria, and other dangers are highlighted in this series. Each title opens with a true story of a human victim, which includes a photo and quotes from the person. Background information follows in clear, well-organized prose. Readers learn…

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School Library Journal Review of Los países de donde venimos/Countries We Come From

This series goes beyond obvious topics to highlight unfamiliar facts about seven countries in South America and the Caribbean. Readers will learn about climate, natural resources, animals, etc., through maps, diagrams, and rich color photography. Digestible text blocks and simple sentence…

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Booklist Starred Review of Becoming an Astronaut

Lots of pictures and inviting, informative text offer a glimpse into some of the training that aspiring astronauts need to complete before they’re permitted to travel into space in this installment in the Spaceology series (6 titles). Thoughtful, magazine-style page layouts feature…

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Booklist Review of Fossils: What Dinosaurs Left Behind

Owen provides young, dinosaur-crazy children with a basic introduction to fossils and the work of paleontologists in this Dino-Sphere series (10 titles) entry. Incorporating a large font, short sentences, plentiful color photographs, and text boxes into two-page topical spreads makes

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Booklist Review of At Home

Using simplicity and consistent text patterns, this I Spy series (8 titles) book is an effective tool for teaching early literacy skills. A series of seven two-page spreads walk readers through a house, where one object is identified in the room and then described with an adjective.…

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Nepal

Bright colored and packed with Nepal’s variety, this short book gives a great first glimpse into the mountainous country. The text is simple enough for young, beginner readers and short enough not to scare away more reluctant ones. Important facts are sprinkled among more fun ones, which…

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Dinosaurs Hatched!

The fascinating world of dinosaurs and their eggs is brought to life and explained in a way appropriate for young dino enthusiasts.

The first two-page spread sets the atmosphere—cute, little dinosaur babies just breaking out of their eggs. The high quality of the worked photos throughout

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Murderous Mosquitoes

Bug fans and biology aces are going to be thrilled by these pages and gain a little more respect for a very tiny insect.

Mosquitoes rule in this book, but it’s not their harmless biology which takes the spotlight. Mosquitoes can be very dangerous and should not be underestimated. After a

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Working in Space

Little astronauts’ hearts will pound faster as they not only learn more about what astronauts do in space, but take in the real life photographs of astronauts at work on the space station.

What do astronauts do in space? This book gives a nice overview, including everything from…

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School Library Journal Review of Space-ology

This unique series provides a comprehensive look at space exploration, with topics ranging from the features of the solar system to the life of an astronaut to a hypothetical look at life on Mars and finding an Earth-like planet. Each title effectively conveys an immense topic in an…

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Jean Little Library Blog Review of Green Slimers: Opposums

A new, icky animal series from Bearport! This one is Slime-inators & Other Slippery Tricksters and I received a copy of the opossum title for review. So, I know some people think opossums are cute. I am not one of them. I think they are gross and creepy, like giant rats. And I have…

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