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Booklist Review for Deadly Mine: Libby, Montana

Cover: Eco-Disasters

The Eco-Disasters series examines environmentally based catastrophes that have severely impacted human life. Here readers visit Libby, Montana, where a long history of vermiculite mining has afflicted its residents with deadly lung disease. This lightweight mineral became a popular building insulator in the 1960s, but unbeknownst to anyone, Libby’s vermiculite was contaminated with asbestos. Dust from the processing mill regularly blew over the town, exposing residents to asbestos for decades. Readers will connect with this tragedy through the compelling photos and personal stories threaded through the text. Rather than sensationalize the disaster, the book fosters a rounded understanding of how it occurred with a compelling mix of area history, science, and governmental action, along with the cleanup efforts in its wake. A fascinating history with numerous STEM connections.

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