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Whale Shark

Cover: Whale Shark

These simply written introductions offer some basic facts about two species remarkable for their gargantuan sizeā€“the Goliath tarantula can reach more than 11 inches in length, while the whale shark can grow to more than 40 feet and weigh up to 30 tons. Both titles are arranged in double-page sections, each of which is geared to a different topic. In most, a half-page of text, comprised of two to four short sentences, is paired with a sharp color close-up of the featured animal. In several sections, an additional small photo accompanies the text, usually highlighting a key anatomical feature. Each title describes a few of the chief physical and/or behavioral characteristics, habitat, diet, and lifespan, and the birth of young. Also included are sidebars, a simplified world map colored to indicate geographical range, and a one-page appendix describing a few other oversize species. The best part of both books is the photography; it is of excellent quality.

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