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Eco Dogs

Cover: Eco Dogs

Baghdad Pups explores how a special division of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCAI) has been rescuing dogs who have befriended service people in Iraq, despite the clear disapproval of the United States military, which has strict laws about removing property, including animals, from war zones. In Prison Puppies, readers learn about the “Puppies Behind Bars” program, where inmates train dogs for careers as service animals. While the future work duties of the dogs are evident, the real story here is how they give the inmates an opportunity to contribute to society in a positive way. Eco dogs help scientists by sniffing out scat, which is analyzed for signs of pollutants or changes in the food chain that might have harmful effects on the environment and on indigenous species. These books are engaging not just because the content is so compelling, but also because the authors have highlighted specific dogs currently working in their fields. The use of real names and full-color photographs on every page, many contributed by the individuals who work with these dogs, makes reading these books a personal experience. A “Just the Facts” page at the end of each volume provides additional details. Excellent introductions to these new developments in service-dog training.

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