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Dino Times Trivia

Cover: Dino Times Trivia

The six books in the Dino Times Trivia series will engage children with their easy-to-read format, great illustrations, and wealth of factual information about adaptations and the relationship of structure to function in the prehistoric animals that once ruled the land, sky, and sea.Each book includes a chart comparing the size of the animal to the size of humans, a map showing where the animals lived, and a time line showing when the animals lived and when humans first appeared. These features will help primary teachers integrate math and social studies skills. Each book also includes a table of contents, a glossary, an index, a book list for further reading, and a section in which students can locate information online. Inserts located throughout the book contain pronunciation guides and clarifying information.The reading level is about grade 2 with an interest level that ranges from K through 3. Teachers of older special education students will also find this book useful, as will teachers using differentiated science instructional strategies. I would also recommend this book to teachers who are looking for high-interest nonfiction reading material to support specific skills in this area.

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