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Eco Dogs

Cover: Eco Dogs

Students may be familiar with the drug dogs that help police or the rescue dogs that search for survivors in natural disasters. This NSTA/CBC Outstanding Trade Book will expand their understanding of the amazing ability of canines to use their enhanced senses in partnership with humans to save the environment. From a search for exotic pythons in Everglades National Park to research on how diminishing sea ice affects ringed seals, dogs have important roles to play. Drawn by the obvious emotional attraction of these amazing members of research teams, readers will be fascinated by the breadth of roles that dogs can fill. A Border Collie helps save endangered cheetahs in Namibia; a German Shepherd sniffs luggage in Frankfurt to find poachers. Dog noses are often more effective than satellites or human trackers to find the few remaining members of an endangered species like fishers (weasels) who are identified by their scat. The book includes descriptions of diverse species of dogs (from Beagles to Retrievers) and their roles all over the world. Large, clear photos will stretch the readability from elementary through secondary with an adult–level interest. End notes include breeds, a glossary, index, and links as well as two additional books for those who (predictably) will want to learn more. It’s not only magnetic reading, but it can lead to behavioral observations of local pets.

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