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SLJ Review of Bearcub Bios Set Three

Cover: Bearcub Bios Set Three

An eclectic mix of famous people are the subjects of these basic beginner biographies for the youngest readers. Facts presented to readers include Amanda ­Gorman, who was the first top youth poet in the United States; Eva Longoria, an ­actor who helps people with disabilities; and Jennifer Garner, who raises money to help children go to good schools. ­

Readers learn that Kentanji Brown Jackson is a judge who advocates for immigrants’ rights, President Biden was one of the youngest senators, Simone Biles has won several Olympic medals and Yo-Yo Ma, a cellist, was a child prodigy. Upbeat and positive, much of the emphasis is placed on why the individuals are famous and the good causes they support. Little about their personal lives is mentioned outside passing reference to parents and siblings.

Also, there are many other biographies on the same people. However, the targeted audience will have heard of several of these people given their current fame, and children interested in them will appreciate even the briefest facts along with the color photographs that complement the text.

VERDICT: These biographies provide rudimentary introductions to celebrities with whom youngsters may be familiar and are neither better nor worse than the many other biographies on the same people. Purchase should be considered based on need.

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