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Booklist Review of Six Days Alone!: Forest Survivor

Cover: Six Days Alone!

A dramatization based on true events, this entry in the Limits of Survival series (6 titles) follows Yang Chen, a student from China studying in Australia, who goes hiking to see the country’s beautiful Gorge Falls.

After a strenuous, muddy hike, Yang decides to rest while her friend checks the trail ahead. When she sets out to join her friend, Yang finds herself lost and alone instead. The graphic-novel format heightens the tension, offering colorful images of Yang’s survival for six days as she attempts to find shelter and safe water and food while also avoiding
dangerous wildlife.

Yang’s easy-to-read dialogue and thought bubbles drive the text, and exciting scenes depict search-and-rescue efforts. Rounding out this high-interest narrative are forest survival tips and brief stories of other real-life forest survivors.

— Angela Leeper

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