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Booklist Review of Bulgaria

Cover: Bulgaria

Readers ready for an introduction to world countries will find a perfect beginning series in Countries We Come From. Each title includes large, clear text accompanied by corresponding color photographs that explore the country’s geography and statistics, topography, wildlife, history, and culture, including languages, foods and celebrations. Maps illustrate the exact locations of the countries, and each well-organized spread also includes smaller blocks of text featuring facts and statistics. Afghanistan delves into the country’s culture—such as favorite dishes and the significance of handmade carpets—as well as the unique wildlife that lives in the country’s mountains, deserts, and plains. In Armenia, young readers learn about this southwest Asian country’s tall mountains, interesting animals (such as big-horned sheep), and its lengthy, at times tragic, history. Cuisine plays a prominent role in Bulgaria, which highlights the nation’s delicacies, in addition to large structures, fortresses, and tombs. In Malaysia, readers explore land covered in forests, rivers, and fertile fields, which house tigers, elephants, and other amazing creatures. The main text of each book is accompanied by “Fast Facts”, a glossary, index, and reading recommendations. Taking care not to overwhelm readers, only select facts and statistics are included with each topic, but once combined with interesting tidbits in the text, a large picture of each country emerges. An excellent introduction to world countries for young readers. ­—Selenia Paz

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