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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Spooky New Orleans

Cover: Spooky New Orleans

Fans of spooks, goose bumps and scares will devour this book and be ready to spend the night with the blankets pulled over their heads.

New Orleans is rich with history…and by no means, only the good kind. This book takes a look at four local myths, the spooky kind. It begins with an introduction, which speaks of night, whispers, vampires and the walking dead, and sets the perfect atmosphere for the following tales.

These tales aren’t grabbed out of the air but are based by historical facts. The buildings exist and are shown with a true-to-life photograph. The events which lead up to the modern day hauntings are also factual and include dates, names and events. Then the events are described, things which make people believe the ghosts remain in these spots. It’s a very creepy mixture, which allows chills to run up and down the spine. At the end, there’s a map of the city with the exact locations of each place mentioned. The follow glossary, index, reference material and website to discover more, give this a nice, educational touch.

The stories are not for sensitive readers and fit slightly older readers better, ages 6 to 10. These are perfect for all fans of creepy things and even teach a little bit of history and geography along the way.

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