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Cover: Bearcub Books

Bearcub Books

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Bearcub Books is expertly crafted to help children learn to read! Each book features repetitive and predictable text, making it easy for children to follow along and guess what word comes next. High-frequency and familiar sight words provide kids with the tools necessary to foster reading confidence. Children who are just learning how to read will adore these engaging and visually dynamic nonfiction books—created just for them!

To assist educators, each book will also include a “Teaching Tips” page, which will include information on the following: Punctuation; High-frequency and content words; Text type; Phonics; Curriculum connections; Activities to reinforce concepts.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Bearcub Books (66 titles) N/A
Cover: A Rainy Day A Rainy Day 0.6
Cover: A Snowy Day A Snowy Day 0.6
Cover: A Stormy Day A Stormy Day 0.6
Cover: A Sunny Day A Sunny Day 0.8
Cover: A Windy Day A Windy Day 0.6
Cover: An Icy Day An Icy Day 0.6
Cover: Animals That Crawl Animals That Crawl 0.9
Cover: Animals That Dig Animals That Dig 0.5
Cover: Animals That Fly Animals That Fly 0.5
Cover: Animals That Jump Animals That Jump 0.5
Cover: Animals That Run Animals That Run 0.5
Cover: Animals That Swim Animals That Swim 0.7
Cover: At Home At Home 0.5
Cover: At School At School 0.5
Cover: At the Beach At the Beach 0.5
Cover: At the Doctor's Office At the Doctor's Office 0.6
Cover: At the Library At the Library 0.5
Cover: At the Market At the Market 0.8
Cover: At the Park At the Park 0.5
Cover: At the Zoo At the Zoo 0.5
Cover: Christmas Christmas 0.7
Cover: Fourth of July Fourth of July 0.9
Cover: Halloween Halloween 1.3
Cover: Hanukkah Hanukkah 1.8
Cover: In the Barn In the Barn
Cover: In the Farmhouse In the Farmhouse
Cover: In the Field In the Field
Cover: In the Garden In the Garden
Cover: In the Henhouse In the Henhouse
Cover: In the Orchard In the Orchard
Cover: In the Pond In the Pond
Cover: In the Toolshed In the Toolshed
Cover: My Favorite Animals My Favorite Animals 1.0
Cover: My Favorite Clothes My Favorite Clothes 1.0
Cover: My Favorite Colors My Favorite Colors
Cover: My Favorite Foods My Favorite Foods 1.0
Cover: My Favorite Games My Favorite Games
Cover: My Favorite Pets My Favorite Pets 0.8
Cover: My Favorite Places My Favorite Places
Cover: My Favorite Toys My Favorite Toys
Cover: Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 1.5
Cover: Valentine's Day Valentine's Day 1.0
Cover: Cat to Bat Cat to Bat NEW
Cover: Clock to Sock Clock to Sock NEW
Cover: Grin to Fin Grin to Fin NEW
Cover: Hill to Quill Hill to Quill NEW
Cover: Man to Can Man to Can NEW
Cover: Mice to Slice Mice to Slice NEW
Cover: Pine to Swine Pine to Swine NEW
Cover: Snail to Mail Snail to Mail NEW
Cover: Book Nook Book Nook NEW
Cover: Frog Log Frog Log NEW
Cover: Pug Hug Pug Hug NEW
Cover: Ram Jam Ram Jam NEW
Cover: Sheep Sleep Sheep Sleep NEW
Cover: Ship Trip Ship Trip NEW
Cover: Skunk Trunk Skunk Trunk NEW
Cover: Snake Cake Snake Cake NEW
Cover: A Drink of Pink Ink A Drink of Pink Ink NEW
Cover: A Drip-Drop in a Tea Shop A Drip-Drop in a Tea Shop NEW
Cover: A Duck in the Muck A Duck in the Muck NEW
Cover: A Goat on a Boat A Goat on a Boat NEW
Cover: A Knight in a Fight A Knight in a Fight NEW
Cover: A Snack for Zack A Snack for Zack NEW
Cover: A Whale of a Tale A Whale of a Tale NEW
Cover: The King Who Loved to Sing The King Who Loved to Sing NEW
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 1
Reading Level Kindergarten
BISACS JNF045000, JNF029000
Genre Beginning Readers, Nonfiction
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Language English

Booklist Review of Animals That Fly

The Animals on the Move! series (6 titles) is part of Bearcubs Books, a new imprint dedicated to supporting early literacy skills. This book uses a repetitive Q&A format to support new readers and show off some of the sky’s frequent fliers. A large, vividly colored photo spans each double-page spread, asking “What can fly?” on the left page. The response always appears on the bottom of the right: “A [animal name] can fly.” Even if kids can’t yet read everything, the photo will give the context clues they need. A bee, duck, bat, dragonfly, eagle, and butterfly all wing across the book’s pages, and appended teaching tips offer suggestions to instructors or caregivers for before, during, and after reading to help little ones better hone their literacy skills.

Author/Illustrator biography
Glossary of key words
Sources for further research
Table of contents
Teaching guides
Full-color photographs

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