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Booklist Review of Becoming a Zombie

Cover: Zombie Zone

Walkers, shamblers, revenants—doesn’t really matter what they’re called, since they’re not real, right? Well think again: this entry in the Zombie Zone series (4 titles) wastes no time explaining just how, exactly, zombies could be possible. The book opens with a narrative-style approach: a corpse comes to life and attacks the doctor doing its autopsy. From there, the text segues into the many ways a zombie could actually be a scientific possibility. From a mutated virus to a brain disease or even a nanorobot, science says that zombies may be closer than we think—in fact, some zombielike parasites already exist in nature. Though some of the cartoon zombies shown here are overly dramatized, the text is measured and the science is sound. A final classroom activity drives the high-interest point grotesquely home.

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